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September 29th - October 2nd, 2016

002 BRAJAN TALBOT ZA SAJTBryan Talbot is considered to be the "godfather" of modern British underground commix. His first illustrations appeared in Mallorn, the British Tolkien Society Magazine in 1969. He then cooperated with his fellow student Bonk on a weekly strip for the college newspaper. After his education, Talbot continued to work in the underground press, creating Brain Storm Comix at Alchemy Press. The first three issues formed the 'Chester P. Hackenbush' trilogy, reprinted in the book Brainstorm! in 1982. 'Hackenbush' was then restyled into Chester Williams by Alan Moore for the DC series 'Swamp Thing'. Talbot created illustrations for a series of German role-playing-game books, as well as the science-fiction strip Scumworld in the weekly rock music magazine Sounds.
Talbot then began the epic The Adventures of Luther Arkwright saga in 1978. This comic is one of the first British graphic novels. The series, with its variety of genres and experimental narrative techniques, has been very influential and gained a cult status. His third 'Luther Arkwright' novel (Heart of Empire that appeared at Dark Horse in 2001) also knew a CD-Rom version with words of commentary and a wealth of extra visual features. The graphic novel The Tale of One Bad Rat has won countless prizes and appeared on the New York Times annual list of recommended reading.
Bryan Talbot began working for 2000AD in 1983. He produced three books of the Nemesis the Warlock series in cooperation with writer Pat Mills, which were later reprinted at Titan Books. For four years Talbot produced work for the American company DC Comics on titles such as Hellblazer (with Jamie Delano), The Sandman (with Neil Gaiman), Batman and the 200 page series The Nazz (with Tom Veitch). He has created a variety of comic strips and illustrations for publications as diverse as Imagine, Street Comics, Slow Death, Vogarth, the Paradox Press Big Books, Stardust, Transmetropolitan, The Radio Times, Wired, Knockabout and the Manchester Flash. For Xpresso he teamed up with writer Matthias Schultheiss to create Brainworms. He continued to draw for DC Vertigo's miniseries The Dead Boy Detectives.

From Lambiek Comiclopedia

003 MARY TABOT za sajtMary Talbot is an internationally acclaimed scholar of gender, language and power who now writes graphic novels. Her first, Dotter of her Father's Eyes (with Bryan Talbot), won the Costa Biography Award in 2013. Her second, Sally Heathcote, Suffragette (with Kate Charlesworth and Bryan Talbot), came out in May 2014. The Spanish edition has received Best International Graphic Novel Awards from Gremio de Libreros de Madrid and Splash Segunt Cómic. Her third, The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia (with Bryan Talbot) appeared in May 2016. She has also collaborated with Kate Charlesworth on a chapter for the dystopian SF graphic novel IDP: 2043, with Alwyn Talbot on a short strip for Cross: A Political Satire Anthology and with Kate and Bryan again for an upcoming Amnesty International anthology. Mary is a founder patron of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival.

004 Petar Meseldzija za sajtPetar Meseldžija was born in 1965 in Novi Sad. His career began in 1981, with the publishing of the comics series Crampie in the magazine Stripoteka, one of the most-renowned in the former Yugoslavia. A series of shorter comics followed, mostly based on the scripts of Dušan Vukojev. He then worked on licenced comics Tarzan. He graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, section painting. Simultaneously with the studies he was drawing comics, but also the illustrations. His first book of illustrations was Peter Enkorak, authored by Terry Jones, and published by Slovenian Mladinska knjiga in 1991.
At the end of the same year, he moved to the Netherlands, where he fully dedicated himself to painting and illustration. During the nineties he painted around 120 posters and greeting cards for Dutch based Verkerke Reproduktie. He made 33 color illustrations for the book King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table, for Grimm Press from Taiwan. For American Scholastic Inc. he produced 11 cover pages for children’s fantasy books. His first solo exhibition of illustrations and paintings was in the Amsterdam Tjalf Sparnaay gallery in 1998.
He participated in many group exhibitions in Yugoslavia, Netherlands and USA. His works were published in various magazines and books. He won many national and international awards, among them the Golden Pen in Belgrade (1994), jury award at the international science fiction convention in the USA (2001), Silver (1997, 2003) and Gold award (2009) of yearly magazine Spectrum in the category Best contemporary fantasy art.
Among his solo projects, most important are the books The Legend of Steel Head (“Legenda o Baš Čeliku”, published by Zmaj, Serbia in 2008 and Flesk Publications, USA in 2010), and The Book of Giants (“Knjiga o džinovima”, published by Flesk Publications, USA and System Comics, Serbia in 2015).
Petar continues to work on new books and paintings. His originals can be found in various museums and private collections in Serbia, Netherlands, USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Italy.

HELENA KLAKOČAR (CRO), Guest of Vedis Publishing, Zagreb
005 HELENAKLAKOCARza sajtShe was born in 1958. She graduated from the Academy of fine arts, Zagreb, graphics department, and afterwards from the Academy of fine arts in Tilburg, Netherlands, department of film animation.
Since 1999, she has published several books of illustrations and graphic novels. Among them Passage en Douce (Restless Sea), Groote Reis (The Great Travel) and The small steps of Great importance. Passage en Douce has been published in Belgium, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia. Its French edition was awarded as the best foreign book at the comics festival in Angoulême, and received the special award of FranceINFO radio.  
She participated in numerous internet comics projects, exhibition and biennials of illustrations. She made several comics projects with Zzot group, published in Polet magazine, as well as art video Animation machine: Zootrop, presented in Marseilles and Zagreb. Her works were presented at numerous comics festivals.
She collaborated on several films and group projects, screened at international festivals, among them Alternative Film festival in Belgrade (1983, Gran Prix) and Documentary film festival in Clermond-Ferrand (1995, Best film of the Festival).
At the Comics festival in Belgrade the audience will have the opportunity to see her following films and videos:
-    Dance, Monster, on my gentle melody, 10 min, 2d,  Zzot group, produced by Kugla glumište (1984);
-    Tai - chi, with M. Manojlović, 6 min, 2d, produced by Zagreb film, (1989);
-    Advertisements for ESCE Gallery, Zagreb (1990), experimental videos
-    Moisture, Frost & Salt – 1 & 2, 8min (2013, 2015)
-    Submarines, 4min (2015)
As well as documentary feature film: "Soundless Movements of Helena Klakocar“, scripted by: Veljko Krulčić; diected by: Srđan Segarić; camera: Robert Kalčić; edited by: Igor Modrić, Veljko Segarić; music: Igor Karlić; production: Vedis, Zagreb, Hrvatska, 2016; producer: Veljko Krulčić; 26 min.



Winner: Gradimir  SMUDJA
006 GRADIMIR smudja za sajtGradimir Smudja was born in 1956 in Novi Sad, where he finished High School of the Arts, graphics department. He graduated from the Faculty of applied arts in Belgrade in 1982. Afterwards he returned to Novi Sad, where the next year he started to work as an illustrator and caricaturist of Dnevnik daily. He also illustrated other titles for the namesake publishing company.
He received numerous  prizes and awards in the field of caricature at domestic festivals and abroad. At the traditional Pierre contest, organized by Belgrade daily Večernje novosti, he received a second award in 1980 and 1987, third award in 1985 and finally the grand prix in 1989. He received the October award of Novi Sad in 1988. His drawings were awarded in Japan (special award of the contest organized by Yomiuri Shimbun in 1987), Canada (a contest in Montreal), Italy (Palma’d Oro in Bordighera, which he received it from one of his idols Guillermo Mordillo), Netherlands (Gold tulpen in Amstelveen). For the fourteen years he published his works in the Swizz satirical paper Nebelspalter, which in 1992 eventualy published his first book of caricatures, titled Circo dell Arte.
In 1994, he moved to the Italian city of Lucca, famous for its international comics festival. Smudja himself exclusively works on comics since 2001. For the french publisher Delcourt, he made eight comics albums: Vincent et Van Gogh 1 & 2, Le Cabaret des Muses 1-4, Au fil de l'Art 1 & 2. His albums are translated in many languages. They are also published in Serbia, by Belgrade based publishers Politika (in the Politikin zabavnik magazine) and System Comics. Vincent et Van Gogh has been published by Student Cultural Center from Novi Sad.
He was the scriptwriter of all his comics until the series Au fil de l'Art, which appeared in 2015. It was scripted by his daughter Ivana. It is a textbook of its kind, which follows the development of the art, from the paintings in Lasco cave to Picasso. In Serbia, it was for the first time successively published in Politikin Zabavnik (noticeable translation by Olja Petronić) and afterwards System Comics reissued both original albums in a single book.
Smudja illustrated posters for comics festivals, but also several children’s books about animals, mainly for charity. He held over forty solo exhibitions in Serbia (galleries of Matica Srpska and Vojvodina Association of artists and designers of applied arts in Novi Sad, the French Institute in Belgrade) and abroad (galleries in Luzern, Basel, Hannover, Paris, Forte dei Marmi, Blois and Brussels).

Slobodan Ivkov

007 andrijana za sajtPaintings and music in Georges Schwizgebel's animated films
Georges Schwizgebel (1944, Reconvilier) is an independent Swiss director of short animated films. His first project, The Flight of Icarus, was made in gouache technique on the cell, in 1974. The film is described as “a pointillist musical illustration” of the baroque musical notes of Francois Couperin. In 2015 he presented his latest achievement, Erlking, in acrylic technique and pastel on the cell, enriched with the music of Schubert and Liszt. The film Erlking was inspired by Goethe's poetry of the same name.
Visually flamboyant films of this timid and introvert author are very authentic and recognizable to all good connoisseurs of short animated films. Through the medium of animation Schwizgebel is constantly researching the possibility to combine the art of painting and music in an authentic visual experience. His films cannot possibly leave one indifferent since they represent a unique synergy and kinetic synthesis of painting, literature and classical music. Georges is still doing animation in a traditional technique and is a complete author of his 15 films for which he has been awarded on numerous, most important international festivals of animation.
Andrijana Ružić

At the Festival, the following films of Georges Schwizgebel will be screened:

  1. The Flight of Icarus (1974), 3'
  2. 78 R.P.M. (1985), 4'
  3. The Year of the Deer (1995), 5'15
  4. The Young Girl and the Clouds (2000), 4'30
  5. Romance (2011), 7'10
  6. Along the Way (2012), 3'30
  7. Erlking (2015), 5'30


008 zoran djukanovic za sajtThe two geniuses Konstantin Kuznetsov (1895-1980) and Sergey Solovyev (1901-1975), together with George Lobachev and Nikolai Navoev, are the most important comics artists that belonged to the so-called Belgrade circle of the thirties of the twentieth century. The Belgrade circle was an initial nucleus of the comics culture in Serbia, at the time when the ninth art was in its global development as a newspaper form. A fruitful paradox of the Belgrade circle lied in the fact that it was mainly consisted of young people, refugees from the Russian revolution, who wholeheartedly accepted the American adventure comics and merged it with their own literary tradition and visual influences of the Russian folklore and fairytales. This unique intersection of cultural influences gave birth to authentic newspaper comics in Serbia.
    Simultaneously, Kuznetsov and Solovyev were creative antipodes. While Solovyev is universally recognized, a perfectionist and always with elegant drawings, the genie of Kuznetsov is more enigmatic, full of style transformations and surprises. Together, they were the key artists that connected the comics with the culture of other media – literature, film, painting and graphics. The exhibition is focused on their innovations in the visual language of the comic art, the mastery of drawing, powerful plays of light and darkness, film-like nature, the perfection of composition and visual narration; thus, their contribution to the language of the comic art in development.

Zoran Djukanovic


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